Lamaria is the name of the goddess of the hearth and beekeeping in Georgian mythology. Yes! As simple as that. It did not take us too long to choose the name for our company. This name miraculously embodies all the aspects of our work.
Lamaria — the successful Georgian startup at crisis time
All over the world, Georgia is known as the homeland of winemaking. However, few people know that here, among the picturesque highland meadows, people have been collecting honey for 6000 years. About 250 endemic melliferous flowers and plants grow on the territory of our country.

We founded "Lamaria" company for the production and sale of honey in 2021 during the crisis associated with the pandemic. At that time, it became especially clear that our health directly depends on the quality of the foods we eat.

Since ancient times, people have known that honey is one of the best means of maintaining immunity. It contains all vitamins of groups B, K, E, C, provitamin A, minerals, and amino acids important for the human body.

That is why today the demand for this product is growing year by year, not only in Georgia, but around the world as well.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, in 2021, the export of honey amounted to 173 tons per year 80% of which was sold to European countries. Our company is happy to be the contributor to this significant achievement.
Our apiaries are located in clean surroundings with no commercial agriculture nearby that could grow GMO crops or use harmful pesticides. Each batch of honey undergoes strict laboratory tests necessary for further export.

Quality is our main priority, that is why not only we produce and sell the honey, but we are the ones who first taste our product.
A year ago, we started by selling 3.5 tons of honey monthly in total. Today, our volume has grown to 10 tons. "‎How is this possible, without degrading the quality?"‎ — one might ask.
Well, work with beekeepers from across Georgia to collect the most delicious raw honey. Our task is to give a small farm the opportunity to increase the number of bee populations. Bees, in turn, pollinate honey plants and retain their habitat. Thus, by our common cause, we contribute to solving the global problem — the extinction of honeybees.

In the summer season of 2022, we extended our product line. To chestnut, linden and acacia honey, we have added one more variety for export: a mix of chestnut and linden. However, it should be mentioned that we do not mix them in production. The apiaries are located in the highlands of the Adjara region where bees collect nectar from both linden and chestnut trees. The mixing process takes place naturally, in the hives. This honey has a rich taste, deep amber color and amazingly delicious aroma. Light bitterness from chestnut gives a spicy aftertaste. This honey is a perfect accompaniment to red wine and aged cheese.

Now the pandemic is over, but we continue to eat and sell honey by Lamaria, expand production, save bees and thank our partners, distributors and sellers for their trust and cooperation.
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